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Powerful life-story of overcoming mental health issues to deliver an inspiring message at events. Suitable for parties, dinners, conferences and motivational events.

Keynote Speeches

Mental Health and Motivational Speaking

These speeches cover Vidura's battle with mental health issues. His story of overcoming mental health issues and obstacles growing up as an immigrant child was published by the UK Mind mental health charity. The motivational speeches cover coping mechanisms to deal with mental health issues and adversity. Perfect for conferences and guest events.

Achieving Your Goals in Life

These speeches cover the experiences Vidura has had in many fields from entertainment to engineering. It is aimed at anyone who is looking for inspiration and ideas to achieve their goals.


A presentation covering how we can build a sustainable society, and an economic system that puts the well-being of people and this planet first over profit. Additionally, it covers how we can use the advancements in science and technology towards the betterment of society.

I was the Dancing Engineer (Short highlight of speech and dance)

FIFA Taught Me Life Is Short

"thanks so much for an excellent speech! 

I loved your body popping

Thanks again for a wonderful speech"


Sarah Gilfillan, 1st London Toastmaster Club President




"Your speech was perfectly tailored to the audience and gave a strong and powerful message to our students about resilience and positivity.  


"Your speech was clear, compelling, perfectly timed, and our students thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you-as did we"


I absolutely loved watching you dance at the end."

Viki Chinn, London School of Economics, Careers Consutlant

Speaker Publications

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