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Professional speaker with engineering experience at Rolls-Royce for schools and universities. 

Our school assembly presentations are unique and are delivered by a qualified engineer alongside professional street-dancers.No one else in the UK can deliver school assembly talks like we do. It is a unique mix of knowledge and entertainment. We will leave the students with an unforgettable experience.

STEM and Street-Dancing! 

St. Anne's Catholic High School for Girls

Speaker Topics


(Science, Technology

Engineering and Mathematics)

 Primary and Secondary Schools 

  • Inspire students to become scientists and engineers.

  • Covers different career paths.

  • Introduction to different fields of engineering.

  • Different presentations are available for primary and secondary schools.

 Secondary Schools and Universities 

Mental Health



  • Inspire students to success through a unique story of overcoming mental health issues and adversity.

  • Story has been featured by UK Happiful Magazine and Mind Charity.

  • Tips for managing stress and passing exams.

  • Coping mechanisms to deal with adversity.


and Ceremonies

 All Ages 

  • Perfect send-off for students.

  • Motivational talk based on a unique life journey of becoming an engineer and a dancer. 

  • Covers facing obstacles, adversity, and achieving your goals.

Sustainability and


 Secondary Schools and Universities 

  • A talk focusing on environmental sustainability and building an economics system that's within the planet's carrying capacity of resources.

  • Additionally, it covers how we can use latest technologies such as automation, robotics, AI, 3D printing, and vertical farming to enhance our lives to build a society of abundance.

I was the Dancing Engineer (Short highlight of speech and dance)





"Your speech was perfectly tailored to the audience and gave a strong and powerful message to our students about resilience and positivity.  

"Your speech was clear, compelling, perfectly timed, and our students thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you-as did we"


I absolutely loved watching you dance at the end."

Viki Chinn, London School of Economics, Careers Consultant

Speaking to graduates at Imperial College and London School of Economics

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Imperial College and London School of Economics Graduation speech

  • University of Portsmouth

  • The University of Groningen

  • Engagements at schools with Inspiring the Future

  • Primary and Secondary school engagements across England (Balfour Primary School, Southmead Primary School, Latimer Arts College)

  • True Stories

  • Various Toastmaster clubs (Reached district level at Toastmaster's humorous speech contest)

Upcoming Engagements

  • Bedales Independent School

  • Independent School Association Headteachers Conference

All our engagements include street-dance performances


Keep your students engaged with a unique inspiring story


Your students will be in the hands of an exceptional speaker with knowledge from many backgrounds


Speaker Publications

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