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Vidura was an engineer for Rolls-Royce and has a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. He is the founder of VSTEM Education (finalist at the Falling Walls Engage worldwide science competition).

He has delivered hundreds of public speaking engagements. Additionally, he has a wealth of experience working in the education sector delivering school workshops, school assembly talks (for both primary and secondary school children), and university engagements in UK and Europe.

His unique speaking engagements can keep an audience captivated with a variety of stories, and they are suitable for almost any event. Moreover, they can be delivered alongside some of the best professional street-dancers in the UK.

"Somone's opinion of you doesn't have to become your reality"


A Speaker Than Can Dance

Share Vidura's dancing journey with your audience and how he overcame obstacles to become a professional artist.


Light-up any corporate event with some mind-blowing body-popping and street-dancing.

"People laughed at me when I started dancing, but I didn't feel my ambitions were impossible"


Mental Health Speaker

Looking for a mental health speaker who can inspire your audience? Vidura's life story of overcoming mental health issues from a young age and depression during his teenage years can captivate young people as well as adult guests.

He can deliver engaging inspirational talks at events using his powerful story of success in the face of adversity. You can read more about his journey here.

"Obstacles and failures are part of life, but they are also part of your journey"


Support Keynote Speakers

We can deliver motivational speaking engagements alongside some of the most talented street-dancers in the UK. Each speaker has something very unique to offer. 

Our dancers are accomplished, talented in many different dance styles, and have their own stories to share with your guests. They will leave your audience with something truly memorable.

These duel keynote speeches are ideal for sport, motivational and fitness events. 


All our speaking engagements include street-dance performances


Leave your audience with knowledge and inspiration with our unique combinations of art and education 


Tailored speaker services for corporate or school events


"Your speech was perfectly tailored to the audience and gave a strong and powerful message to our students about resilience and positivity. I loved watching you dancing at the end.

Viki Chinn, London School of Economics, Careers Department 

"thanks so much for an excellent speech! I loved your body popping

”Thanks again for a wonderful speech" 

Sarah Gilfillan, 1st London Toastmaster Club President

"The section of your talk about you and how you have dealt with setbacks in your life was really and truly inspirational. Year 6 have SATs soon after they return to school and some were worrying about these tests already in the weeks before Easter. Hearing about the ups and downs of your journey was exactly what they needed- you were honest and real and proved that hard work will pay off eventually!" 

Rebecca Ellis, St Margaret's Junior School

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